Fat Consultancy

Fat Consultancy is a small but perfectly formed group of people who can assist companies and producers seeking to raise investment for their projects. We can consult on finance plan management and investment strategies.

We have vast experience in the SEIS and EIS fields and have operated several schemes successfully as well as advising clients and companies on compliance so they can offer investors the available range of tax reliefs. We also advise and consult on alternative and private finance opportunities in media and other sectors. Our clients often wish to attract project finance, thereby creating an infrastructure to future proof their business model and successfully plan for expansion.

We also act as a co-producer or partner on international productions and can advise on how to maximise the schedule and budget to create the most efficient finance plan at the right budget level for the current market.

We have recently advised on several media companies; a tech start up and two companies in the health sector. This ranged from setting up the company structures, shareholding and articles, gaining advance assurance from HMRC to accept investment and introduction to finance. We are currently expanding this service to companies and individuals in all sectors seeking similar investment requirements.

Phone : +44 (0)207 993 6241

Email : info@fatpictures.co.uk